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My Info

  • My XBOX360 Game List
  • RGH 1.0 on Falcon Platform
  • Dash/Kernel: 2.0.17489.0
  • Freestyle Dash 3.0.775
  • Dashlaunch 3.16
  • To boot into Xell (for kernel/dash updates), power on with the eject button


  • Reset Glitch Hack (RGH)
    • This method involves soldering a chip to your 360's motherboard. The chip sends pulses to key parts of the xbox during specific boot phases, tricking it into allowing you to run unsigned code.
    • This is the current method most used on all consoles and has taken over from JTAG method.
    • Very easy to do once you have all the equipment
  • Optical Drive Firmware Hack
    • This method involves installing a hacked firmware onto your 360's optical drive which will allow it to read and play burnt games.
  • Optical Drive Emulation
    • This method puts a HDD along-side your optical drive and tricks the XBox into thinking information is coming from the optical drive.
    • Example: Optical Drive Emulator
  • JTAG hack
    • This used to be the way everyone hacked their boxes and involved using an exposed JTAG header on the motherboard to flash your own firmware. This exploit was blocked in later versions of the XBox motherboard (starting with pretty early versions).

Freestyle Dash (FSD)


  • Xeon is a sweet skin that looks like the XMBC skin of the same name



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