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Ultimate X-Men are found with the other Ultimate Comics.

X-Men Volume History

X-Men (v1) was later renamed Uncanny X-Men (v1). The original run went through issue #141.

Uncanny X-Men (v1) ran from 1963-2011 and contains many big story arcs. It ended after the Fear Itself arc. Arcs: Dark Phoenix Saga, Messiah CompleX, Nation X, Second Coming, etc...

Uncanny X-Men (v2) started renumbering and picks up with Cyclops leading the team based out of Utopia. It runs through the AvX arc and is currently still running (latest scheduled as of this writing is #20, 10/2012).

X-Men (v2) is the introduction of the classic blue and yellow costumes and teams led by Cyclops and Storm (made popular by the Fox Cartoon.) It runs parallel to Uncanny X-Men (v1) from 1995-1996 and 1998-2000. It ran until #113 when it was renamed. Arcs: Asteroid M

X-Men Adventures (v1-3) is the comic adaptation of the Fox Cartoon.

The Adventures of the X-Men (v1) was the renamed X-Men Adventures (essentially v4)

New X-Men (v1) continued numbering from X-Men (v2). It followed the recruitement of a new team of X-men and their training and ran until the end of their story arc/M-Day arc.

One-Off Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis continues the story of the New X-Men (v1)

Astonishing X-Men (v3) is the acclaimed Joss Whedon story arc (through issue #25), and then continues parallel to X-Men (v3) and Uncanny X-Men (v2)).

X-Men (v2 continued) took back over at issue #157 during the X-Men Reload event and continued on until it's renamed again. Arcs: Messiah Complex, Endangered Species

X-Men Legacy (v1) took over numbering from X-Men (v2 continued) after the Messiah Complex story arc. It is still going today (last scheduled issue as of this writing is #275, 10/2012). Arcs: Nation X, Necrosha, Second Coming, Age of X, Regenesis, AvX

X-Men (v3) started renumbering and takes place during X-Men Legacy (v1) events. It starts with a Mutants vs. Vampires arc (Curse of the Mutants). It is ongoing (last scheduled issue as of this writing is #38, 11/2012) Arcs: Regenesis, Curse of the Mutants (1-6), To Serve and Protect (7-10), First to Last (giant-size #1+)

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List of Volumes

One-off X-Men History

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  • (*)X-Men Origins (v1) re-telling origins for many X-Men characters.
    • ?
    • ? 2008-2010
  • (*)X-Treme X-Men (v1) - was a sub-group of the x-men on their own adventures.
      1. 1-46 2001-2004
  • (+)X-Treme X-Men (v2) - Spinning out of the pages of ASTONISHING X-MEN Travel the multiverse with Captain Howlett, Kid Nightcrawler, and Emmeline Frost Which X-Men will be lost between dimensions with no guaranteed way home?
      1. 1-5 2012 **have #1, ONGOING

New X-Men: Academy X 1-46 NOTE: This is not Grant Morrison's "New X-Men" series. This series was titled New X-Men: Academy X for issues #1-19, and simply New X-Men from issue #20 onward, but the files are all labeled with the New X-Men: Academy X title to avoid ambiguity. This series is a continuation fo the New Mutants storyline.

This torrent includes all 46 issues of the run.

Wikipedia description:

New X-Men: Academy X was launched during the X-Men ReLoad event. It resumes directly where the most recent New Mutants series ended, with the same writers, artists, and cast of characters. The Academy X subtitle was dropped from the title when the new creative team of Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost took over the series with issue #20.

Whereas the other X-Men comics mostly deal with established adult mutants, this series concentrates on the lives of young students residing at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning as they learn to control their powers and, as of late, to survive the backlash against mutants that befell them as part of House of M.

After the 2007 crossover X-Men: Messiah Complex, the New X-Men title was canceled. It was replaced by Young X-Men in April, 2008, written by Marc Guggenheim and featuring a small squad of the X-Men students, some from Kyle and Yost's run, and some new faces.