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I'll be updating this page with links, resources, and information on how to hack your Wii to do all sorts of neat things.


The best resource for hacking your wii is wiihacks.com. I'll highlight the best and most interesting guides/how-to's here.

  • Guide to Softmod Any Wii
    • This is the guide for hacking your Wii. Simply read the whole thing and follow it step-by-step and you'll be done in no time.
    • I keep my own simplified and clarified version of this guide handy for my own use. View it Here.
  • Next, set up your HDD (FAT32) for playing backups.
    • You can also use NTFS drives, but everyone recommends FAT32 as it's more stable.
    • Chapter 2 of this guide also has info on how to load games onto your HDD. My recommended application to do so is Wii Backup Manager.
  • You'll then want information on USB Backup Loaders. My Favorites are:
  • How to play GameCube backups on your Wii.

Current Games

Here is my current Wii Game List.