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Fan Edits

There are many great fan edits of the films out there, I'll detail a few of the best/most popular here:

Harmy's Despecialized Editions

Harmy's goal was to recreate the original theatrical editions using the highest quality sources available for each scene. They are usually considered the best quality theatrical edition available.

  • A New Hope Despecialized
    • Latest version is 2.5
  • Empire Strikes Back Despecialized
    • Latest version is 2.0
  • Return of the Jedi Despecialized
    • Latest version is 1.0

Adywan's Revisited Editions

Adywan Edits: Adywan sought out to fix continuity errors and remove mistakes from the films, as well as provide color correction and using the top quality audio sources. He also makes some "artistic" decisions in his edits, such as re-rotoscoping lightsabers/lasers, removing small parts of scenes/dialog, etc.

  • A New Hope: Revisited (Complete)
  • Empire Strikes Back: Revisited (In Progress)
  • Return of the Jedi: Revisited (Pre-Work)


The Grindhouse releases are created from scans of 35mm original prints, resulting in 1080p HD videos.

  • Info on board - Team_Negative1

Documentary Films

Jambe Davdar Films

Info Info 2

  • Building Empire (2005)
  • Star Wars Begins
  • Returning to Jedi
  • Raiding the Lost Ark
  • Inside Jaws

The People Vs. George Lucas