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I recently acquired some v1 Pogoplugs for a steal online. I had read that they were easy to hack and wanted a new toy to tinker with.

Initial Hacking

Hacking is as easy as following the installation steps for my model from the archlinux website. Some familiarity with command line will help here, but you can really just copy/paste for the most part. The only part not covered exactly is how to SSH to the device, but I'll cover that later/on request.

After getting through the initial installation, you'll want to follow some of these first steps to get everything updated and ready to go. This includes:

  1. Setting the system date/time
  2. Setting a new password
  3. Adding new users (you don't want to use root for everyday stuff)
  4. Installing sudo

I've found some more articles covering this process

Things To Do

Here I'll list the different things you can do with your hacked Pogoplug!

An excellent start-to-finish step-by-step guide to setting up an LAMP server can be found here. Just skip most of part 1 (as you did that following the official instructions in the above section.

Package Management

For starters, you'll want to know how to install software. Here's a how-to on package management for arch linux arm using pacman.

  • Quick Reference:
    • pacman -Ss <package> search repo
    • pacman -Qs <package> search local db
    • pacman -Rs <package> remove package and unneeded dependancies
      • add n to also remove config files

LAMP Server

You can follow the official guide to install the LAMP components here. There's also a quicker, but less complete walk through on Lifehacker

  • Note - I need to revisit using phpMyAdmin with mpm (multi-thread apache)
  • Note - Double check on functionality of Extra PhpMyAdmin tools.