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Complete Hulk Appearance Reading Order:

--==Incredible Hulk Volume History==-- Incredible Hulk (v1) started with a 6 issue run of his own book.

Tales To Astonish (v1) continued the story from there.

Incredible Hulk (v1 continued) picked it back up from TTA (NOTE: the cmro wiki calls this second run v2, but as the numbering continues on, I'll agree with the wikia and continue to call it v1). Starting at the continuation of Incredible Hulk (v1) there was a (near) yearly annual Hulk issue usually taking place at the end of each years run.

Throughout Incredible Hulk (v1 continued), the Hulk also starred in Defenders (v1) (#1-125). Toward the end of Incredible Hulk (v1 continued), the Hulk starred in Secret Wars (#1-12) with the Avengers.

Hulk (v1) (notice the lack of 'Incredible') began re-numbering and was a brief series taking place between Incredible Hulk (v1) and (v2).

Incredible Hulk (v2) picks up the numbering from Hulk (v1) and contains the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk story arcs, starting around issue #92.

Hulk (v2) takes place after Incredible Hulk (v2) and the World War Hulk story arc. It begins with the Red Hulk story arc. It is still ongoing today (most recent as of this writing: #57 08/2012).

Incredible Hulk (v1) comes back at #600 for 12 issues. Why this is still "v1" is beyond me!

Incredible Hulks (v1) (note the 's') continues the story for another 23 issues.

Incredible Hulk (v3) begins the renumbering again and starts in the Shattered Heroes story arc. It is still ongoing today (most recent scheduled as of this writing: #15 10/2012).

KEY: Series (volume) Link(s) Date Range Issue Range

=====List of Volumes=====-----
  • Incredible Hulk (v1) 05/1962-03/1963

  1. 1-6
  • Tales To Astonish (v1) 09/1964-03/1968

  1. 59-101
  • Incredible Hulk (v1 continued) 04/1968-03/1999

  1. 102-474
  • Incredible Hulk Annual 10/1968-11/2001

  1. 1-20
  2. 1997-2001
  • Hulk (v1) 04/1999-02/2000

  1. 1-11

Incredible Hulk (v2) 03/2000-12/2007

  1. 12-#111

Hulk (v2) *ONGOING* 03/2008-8/2012

  1. 1-57 *(have through 34)
  • Incredible Hulk (v1 continued? v2?)


  1. 600-611

Incredible Hulks (v1) 11/2010-10/2011

  1. 612-635 *(have through 629)

Incredible Hulk (v3) *ONGOING* 12/2011-10/2012

  1. 1-15

--==One-off Hulk History==-- *This is only a partial list. There are many more!

The Rampaging Hulk (v1) or THE HULK!/Hulk Magazine (in later issues) #1-27 1977-1981

Hulk 2099 (v1) is the 2099 alternate reality version of the Hulk, who somewhat resembles Venom. #1-10 1994-1995

Rampaging Hulk (v2) #1-6 1998-1999

Wolverine Hulk (v1) is just want it sounds like! #1-4 2002

Hulk Gray (v1) is a 6 issue novel which takes place after Betty's death. #1-6 2003-2004

The Incredible Hulk: Destruction (v1) is a 4 part mini-series detailing the battle between Hulk and the Abomination. It seems to be a comic version of the Edward Norton Hulk movie. #1-4 2005

World War Hulk (v1) is the core of the World War Hulk story arc. #1-5 2007-2008

Other World War Hulk One-offs: Prologue: World Breaker (v1) is the prologue to WWH, with Hulk returning to Earth. #1 2007 Front Line (v1) takes place during World War Hulk #1-5 and follows newspaper reporters during the events. #1-6 2007 X-Men (v1) takes place during World War Hulk #1 when Hulk confronts Xavier. #1-3 2007 Gamma Corps (v1) takes place during World War Hulk #1-5 and follows a team out to stop the Hulk. #1-4 2007-2008

Hulk: Broken Worlds (v1) is a 2 part mini-series detailing several stories of alternate reality versions of the Hulk. #1-2 2009

  • Hulked-Out Heroes (v1) is a 2 part mini-series taking place after World War Hulks #1. The story is continued in Incredible Hulk (v1) #609. #1-2 2010

  • Incredible Hulks: Enigma Force (v1) follows a team trying to stop the Son of Hulk from destroying a world. #1-3 2010-2011

  • Hulk Smash Avengers (v1) covers the Hulk fighting the other members of the Avengers.

? #1-5 2012