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I use Kellen's HTPC for game night (when we aren't on a console). This page will collect any information I think is useful in building/running a game night PC.



  • PS3 Controller in Windows
  • Using Wiimote in Windows
    • Using Wiimote in Dolphin (easier)
    • I've tried the 2nd option here and it was very easy to get up and running. The first options does, however, offer the ability to use the Wiimote in other Windows programs while the 2nd relies on Dolphin to understand the Wiimote.
  • Generic Controller in Windows
    • This lets you map any controller to any keyboard set of commands. Great! Works for any game but especially useful for those with little or no gamepad support. Also has tons of pre-sets for popular controllers which saves you on set-up.

Party games

  • Recommendations go here

Movies/TV Shows

  • I Use XBMC for all of my media. I think it looks great, is very customizable, easy to use, and has tons of options.
  • To make information scraping easier for XBMC, I use a tool called theRenamer. It automates the process of renaming downloaded or ripped movies and TV shows to a standard (and easy to parse) format.
  • Plex is a spin-off from XBMC/Kodi which keeps most of the goodness mentioned above, and builds some amazing media streaming support. It allows you to watch your shows from any other device, while maintaining your 'watched/unwatched' status and other stats.