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Emulators (in this context) are software written to act as (emulate) game consoles. They have the ability to load game data (usually called a game ROM) taken from real games and play them as if it was a real console.[1] I'll list here the emulators I like best for each system.


Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

  • My favorite SNES emulators are
    • ZNES - Somewhat goofy interface but works with everything I've thrown at it. Network play also works well in my experience.
    • SNES9X - Better interface but lags slightly behind ZNES in functionality.
  • My SNES Game List


N64 emulation still needs some work. It takes a decent PC to play some games at full speed.


The best emulator for the GameCube and the Wii is the same.


There are several GameBoy systems, though many are emulated with the same emulator.

Original GameBoy

GameBoy Color

GameBoy Advance

Nintendo DS

  • My favorite NDS emulator is
    • NO$GBA - originally for GBA, now has support for NDS.
    • DeSmuME - possibly better compatibility.
  • My DS Games

The Nintendo DS has it's own section on my wiki as well.



This section also included the Genesis add-ons (Mega Drive and 32X).

  • My favorite Genesis/SMD/32X emulator is
    • Gens
    • Fusion - also emulates SG1000, SC3000, Sega Master System, and Game Gear.
  • My Genesis Game List




Playstation 2


Arcade games are their own beast. I'll discuss them further in MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator)


  1. Note: Downloading game ROMS is of questionable legality, even if you own the original game. To be safe you should only download homebrew games with GPL licenses.