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Science Fiction


This article actually hits the nail on the head.

  • Song of Ice and Fire Series - George R.R. Martin
  • Dune Series - Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert/Kevin J. Anderson
    • It may actually be best to start with the newer Brian Herbert/Kevin J. Anderson books as they might be more accessible. They are also very good.
  • Ender's and Shadow Series - Orson Scott Card
  • Kingkiller Chronicles - Patrick Rothfuss
    • 1st book is 'The Name of the Wind'
  • The Way of Kings - Brandon Sanderson
    • Really good, but first in a series and who knows when the next will come out
  • The Homecoming Saga - Orson Scott Card
    • 1st book is 'The Memory of Earth'

Cyber Punk

Another good link.