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I'm a huge fan of the Amazon Kindle. I spend more time with my Kindle than I do with any other electronic device, excluding my main PC. That said, those who know me also know that I am constantly looking for ways to change or expand the abilities of any device I own. I'll collect here useful information regarding the hacking, re-purposing, and expansion of the Kindle.


  • Calibre[1] is the best eBook collection manager I've found. It also lets you convert between nearly any eBook format (e.g. you can convert free google epub books for use on your Kindle) and is under constant development to fix bugs and enhance functionality.
    • Check out the Calibre page for more info on plug-ins etc.
  • You can find many tools to remove DRM from your Kindle books at Apprentice Alf's Blog.
    • More instruction on doing this with Calibre plug-ins can be found on the Calibre Page.


All Kindles

  • Why Jailbreak? It allows you to:
      1. Install custom screen savers. This won't break your warranty[2].
      2. Install custom fonts
      3. Add support for EPUB format books (e.g. those used by google and the Nook readers.)
  • How to create your own screensavers using Photoshop or GIMP.
  • Unified Application Launcher
    • This is a launcher for all Kindle versions which will let you run other apps on your Kindle.

4th Generation Kindle

This is the one without a keyboard.

Non Touch

  • A great wiki on Kindle4 NoTouch Hacking
    • Includes the easy way to gain root access as well as adding custom screensavers.
  • Anyone with an ad supported Special Offers Kindle has likely wondered how to remove the ads. Here are some articles about it:
  • If you're interested in a general 'how-to' on gaining root access to your 4th generation Kindle, or just curious about how someone figured it out, you should check out This article.


The touch has it's own firmware (v5 instead of v4) and thus it's own methods of hacking.

3rd Generation Kindle

This is now known as the "Kindle Keyboard".



  1. Calibre Webpage