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I'll likely be doing some modifications and upgrades to my 2011 Subaru Outback 2.5 Premium. For the time being, I'll use this space to help me keep track of info for future use. The best information can be found at SubaruOutback.org.

Sound System

I plan to upgrade the sound system. I currently have the Harmon Kardon system which sounds pretty good, but the head unit has a terrible interface. This is especially evident when you want to use a MP3-CD or any sort of USB interface. My system also lacks BT audio and a USB port, which I would really like.

Head Unit

Tons of information on the stock head unit is available here.


I have certain requirements for a new head unit. I've listed them here in order of importance (mostly).

  1. Price
    • Don't want to break the bank, so will pick a unit that's a year or so old
  2. USB interface
    • Rear preferred so I can route it to the center bin (under the armrest) or glove box
  3. Bluetooth audio and phone interface
    • Phone must work with steering wheel controls
    • Routing existing mic from steering wheel would be nice
  4. Double din touchscreen
    • Single din with large fold out display could also work.
  5. Adjustable angle display
    • I would like it to sit flush with the slope of the dash

Possible Units

  • Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT 7-Inch In-Dash Navigation A/V Receiver with DVD Playback, Ipod/phone, Bluetooth, XM, Rear Camera, and Steering wheel controls.

Dash Kit

Options available from Metra.

Add Ons

  • Axxess ASWC
    • This is an adapter for the steering wheel controls.
    • Needs firmware version 2.09 or later to support phone controls.
  • Sound Deadening Material


Speaker spacers custom made (but for Forester) to help speaker install.



I'll likely upgrade the amp at some point.


There is a ton of great information at ae64.com:

An in-depth guide to installations on any Subaru can be found here

Another great guide with tons of pictures on a 10 OB can be found here

Some additional info on aftermarket installs here Notes: The stock H/K amp takes line level inputs and not speaker level. The factory mic will not work with the Pioneer as it uses a built in amplifier right at the mic module and no information about it is available. The factory mic module is in the overhead cluster with the map lights. It connects to the HU via an 8-pin harness.

Mods to Stock Systems

  • Here is an illustrated guide to some useful modifications to the stock 2010 Nav unit
    • Override to allow you to use navigation while in motion
    • Override to allow you to turn on the back-up camera while not in reverse


  • 2010 19mm STi Spec C Rear Swaybar
    • 2010 STI Spec-C 19mm sway bar: 20451FG020 (~$61.55)
    • Bushings (order 2): 20464FG020 (~$5.51 x 2)


  • 2pcs 921 912 906 T15/T10 Wedge CREE Q5 Emitter 5W Led Reverse Back up Lights Link
  • I partially de-badged the back of the Outback. I removed the AWD and PZEV badges.
    • Used dental floss to peel off the AWD badge and a razor blade to get the trickier PZEV badge.
    • Cleaned area with Goo-Gone and a wet towel. Some residue was still left over so used razor blade to get the rest.